Your Instructors:

Jerry with Mike Myers C 414

Jerry is a highly experienced pilot and instructor who would like to bring his expertise to your location where he provides comprehensive, insurance-approved, ground training for your aircraft, and flight training in your aircraft.



1972 acquired the Private Pilot Certificate
1973 A & P certificates
1973 Instrument rating
1974 Commercial Certificate SEL
1975  CFI after graduating from Bible School
1975 Commercial SES
1976  CFI-I
1978 Commercial MEL
1980 Ground Instructor – Advanced and Instrument
1985 ATP – MEL
1985 CFI-I ME
1985 became qualified to fly Aerostars and Navajos as a charter pilot
1988 Qualified to fly the King Air B100 as a charter captain
2015 Single-pilot Type Rated in the Eclipse
2016 CAE trained and qualified to fly the King Air 200 as a charter captain

14600 Hours 7200 multi-engine 5000 Dual Given
500 Twin Cessna, 1000+ Meridian, 1000+ Mirage,  2600+ Aerostar

Jerry has enjoyed a career in aviation as a Flight Instructor, Charter Pilot, Co-Pilot on DC-3s, corporate pilot and Production Test Pilot. Jerry enjoys bringing his extensive knowledge and expertise to his clients which gives them a better basis for making good decisions when abnormal or emergency situations arise.


Jeremy Vandersluis – flight instructor. Jeremy acquired the Mustang Type Rating – Single Pilot in 2013.


Originally from Windsor, England, Jeremy Vandersluis grew up in the shadow of Windsor Castle and within a few miles of Heathrow Airport. One of his fondest memories (and quite possibly the reason he loves aviation) is watching Concorde fly overhead every day.

Before becoming a professional pilot Jeremy ran his own computer software consulting firm contracting his services to large institutions across Europe. After being one of the youngest consultants ever hired by the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium, he was head hunted to one of the largest investment banks in the world and worked as Vice President of Electronic Trading Systems at Credit Suisse First Boston for 5 years in Zurich, Switzerland. During his time in Europe, Jeremy became a private pilot. From the moment he first flew, he knew that it was going to be a very important part of his future life. After 17 very successful years in the computer industry Jeremy left computing to pursue his passion for aviation.

 Within a short period, Jeremy obtained his airplane instrument rating, his single and multi-engine commercial pilot certificates and shortly thereafter his instructor ratings. Along the way he has also gathered his commercial helicopter certificate and commercial single engine seaplane certificate. Jeremy holds both single and multi-engine ATP certificates and is single pilot type rated in the Citation Mustang, CE-510S.

Jeremy now has more than 9,000 flight hours of which over 3,800 have been as an instructor. Jeremy has helped people obtain their Private Pilot Certificates, Commercial Pilot Certificates, Instructor Certificates, Airline Pilot Certificates and has extensive experience with teaching accelerated Instrument Ratings in 10 days or less. He now works as an instructor with AFTII, as chief pilot for a small charter company and as a corporate pilot in the Piper Malibu, Piper Navajo, Cessna 340, Cessna 421, TBM 700 and Pilatus PC12. Jeremy is a published aviation author and a public speaker on the subject of aviation safety.

Jeremy is married and has two sons. His wife has her private pilot certificate and works for the local airport authority. When Jeremy is not flying professionally he is flying for fun!

Pilot Certificates and Ratings
Commercial -SES & Helicopter,
Type: CE510S
Instructor – CFI, CFI-I, MEI, AGI, IGI