While flying we should ask how things are going. How are what things going?

Altitude or Pitch
Heading or bank angle

How are these three trending?

We should ask these questions whether we’ve just taken off, are on an instrument approach procedure, on a missed approach or in an unusual attitude situation.

Let’s say you’re in moderate to severe turbulence where your head hits the side window so hard that you’re temporarily knocked unconscious. On some attitude based autopilots the autopilot would also disengage due to the G forces. When you come to, you’re still flying fortunately but, the aircraft is in a very steep climb and banking right. 

How’re you doing…

Airspeed is decreasing rapidly.
Correction – add a lot of power.

Aircraft pitched up at an extreme angle.
Correction – Push the control yoke forward and return the  aircraft to level altitude.

Bank – the aircraft is in a bank of about 45 degrees to the right.
Correction – Roll the wings level now that the aircraft is maintaining altitude.

This sounds a lot like what position an instructor might put the aircraft in when an IPC sign-off is requested. Yes, unusual attitude recovery is a required maneuver to be signed off for an IPC.

How are things going? 

   Altitude or Pitch
   Heading or bank

And how is the trend of each of these? three?

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