Ask your autopilot

Should I leave the autopilot engaged while in icing conditions?
Is this autopilot rate based or attitude gyro based?
What does the CWS do?
How many different ways are available to disengage the autopilot?
   Autopilot computer on/off button?
   Autopilot master button?
   Pull the autopilot Circuit Breaker?
   The "red button" on the control yoke?
   Move the manual electrical switch backward or forward or down and backward or forward?
   Push and hold the stall test button for 2 or 3 seconds?
   Turn the battery master switch off for a second then back on?
   Push the GA button?
   Induce a lot of G force to the aircraft?

What is the minimum airspeed allowed to maneuver the aircraft with the autopilot?
What is the minimum altitude allowed to maneuver the aircraft with the autopilot?
   While on an instrument approach?
   During cruise?
   While climbing?
Will the autopilot automatically reduce the rate of climb or descent approaching the selected altitude in the altitude pre-select unit?
Will the autopilot work well, through the manual trim wheel input by pilot, with the pitch trim servo failed?
Is there a visual warning, or audio warning if the pitch trim servo operates in one direction for a considerable amount of time?