Attitudes – BORING subject!

When most pilots are unable to complete initial or recurrent training due to their attitude, it is an IMPORTANT subject.

To present this subject and bring it to a quick conclusion let’s just say that some of the attitude problems I’ve seen are these – starting with the largest problem:

  • I don’t have to fly that well. I’ve slopped the aircraft through the air long enough and ATC has kept me out of trouble. The problem with this is sometimes there will be no one to pull your bacon out of the fire
  • I don’t have to know how to read the approach chart, I just descend until I see the runway
  • My airplane can get in and out of runways the book says it can’t – somebody didn’t read the chart and didn’t know the runway was longer than he thought.
  • This feels right. The problem with that is that feeling often mask reality. Let’s go with reality.

When a pilot lacks knowledge or skill, understands and accepts these facts, I can spend a little extra time with him and increase his knowledge and improve his skills to the point he is able to meet required standards.

When it’s an attitude problem and he won’t accept that, sorry, but now we’re just wasting time so it is time for me to find my way back home or on to the next course.

Feel free to e-mail me with your thoughts on this subject.

Jerry Sharp