The G3000, in the hands of a skillful pilot is capable of displaying a TREMENDOUS amount of information. Without switching from one screen to another a pilot can view:

nearby traffic
hazardous terrain and obstacles
Nexrad weather including storm cell movement and lightning strikes
real time weather through live radar
an instrument approach chart at the destination airport all while watching the progress of the flight on his moving map.

Departure Procedures, Airways, STARS and instrument approach procedures can be loaded into the flight plan with very little effort. 13 panes, each showing different, yet important information assist the pilot in making informed decisions without his having to turn off one display to see another.

If I may assist you to better understand your G3000 and autopilot and use them more effectively I’d love to fly with you. We could fly together on one of your business trips, or other scheduled flights to keep costs down.

Call 772-473-7356 to set up a flight with me.

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