When things are going wrong in our flight we need to ask the right questions so that we get useful answers and are able to correct the situation quickly.

As an example, you are temporarily knocked unconscious due to turbulence slamming your ahead against the side window. Due also to the turbulence the autopilot has disconnected and when you regain consciousness, you find the aircraft is out of control.

The questions to ask – what is our :
1) airspeed
2) altitude or pitch
3) heading or bank and
4) the trend of each of the above three.

1) Situation: The airspeed is below 100 knots
                             Trend – airspeed
 decreasing rapidly.
Pilot Response- Add power

2) Situation: large pitch up
                             Trend – altitude increasing 
Pilot Response- Pitch down to maintain level altitude.

3) Situation: Very steep bank
                              Trend – steep bank is being maintained

Pilot Response – Once aircraft pitch returns aircraft to level altitude – roll wings level.

This sounds a lot like an unusual attitude the instructor might put the aircraft in when an IPC is requested
These responses are what the instructor should be looking for. 


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