It looks like most of Florida will feel the effects of Irma this weekend and the northern part of Florida  Monday.
I’m not sure where to recommend that you fly if you have the opportunity.

I was privileged to leave Florida ahead of Hurricane Irma’s arrival via an Eclipse. 

 We came to Gulfport, MS. The FBO was eager to meet our needs including bringing our luggage in from the plane, arrange a rental car (they had already arranged for a hotel stay). There was even a discounted rate at Comfort Suites through Million Air. With so many people needing rental cars Hertz brought additional cars in for Million Air to rent to their customers.

I’m not telling you this to invite you here as the few remaining rooms in the area, such as at the local casinos may go for as much as $500 a night. I’m just letting you know how impressed I was at Million Air’s efficiency and care for their customers.

I wish you well.