Advanced Flight Training Int'l, Inc. provides interesting, enjoyable and comprehensive flight training in YOUR aircraft and at YOUR location. Providing insurance-approved under AFTII training since 2005. 

We present high comprehensive transition and refresher training in:











CESSNA 340/340A Stock or Ram IV, VI, or VII


CESSNA 414/414A Stock or Ram IV, VI, or VII


CESSNA 421, 421A, 421B, 421C


AEROSTARS - 600 - 702P

All flight training is conducted in the owner's aircraft - not in some box inside a building. The training is personalized. This comes easily as he will be training in the aircraft he will be flying when training is complete. When he begins to fly passengers he will already be familiar with the use of this aircraft's flight instruments, navigation systems and its autopilot. He did not get trained in some box, in some building with its unusual flight, navigation and dissimilar autopilot equipment. The instructor observes the pilot in actual flight conditions and is able to correct any habits he sees that need correcting. If the pilot needs, or wants additional time in the aircraft, we are there to meet his needs.

"Upon completion of training, the pilot will be proficient in the aircraft." 

What does the word proficient indicate? The pilot has sufficient knowledge of the aircraft, its capabilities and its limitations and has shown an ability to consistently keep it within its designed parameters even when equipment failures, ATC instructions, dealing with various classes of airspace, or weather conditions attempt to distract him from flying safely. He knows the various charts he'll be using, knows the regulations and shows good sound judgment when choosing making decisions.

When we hand a certificate to the pilot, we are saying that we believe that he will fly the aircraft in a professional manner,  will not fly into weather conditions beyond what the aircraft or he is capable of handling and will do all he can to not lose the confidence of the passengers he is entrusted with. 

*The terms he & him as used here, are not gender specific.

AFTII has been in business since 2003. Prior to that Jerry, as the President, flew many years in charter, entrusted with Twin Cessnas, Aerostars, Navajos and the King Air B100. Along the way he also was a co-pilot on DC-3s. He has given more than 5000 hours dual.