Note: This is a pressurized Aerostar but not the one that’s for sale. The pictures of the Aerostar that’s for sale are below.¬†

Depending on power settings, the 700P Aerostar will true out at 238 KTS at 25,000′ with a cabin altitude of ~10,000′. This particular aircraft is fiki approved. With modifications available from¬† Aerostar Aircraft Corp. the aircraft can carry an additional ~ 500# and with the upgraded pressurization have an 8,000′ cabin at 25,000′! At normal cruise power an 800nm flight in no-wind condition, with the 44 gallon aux fuel tank, would take about 3 1/2 hours. A 1000 nm flight with all four tanks full and using long range cruise power setting would take about 4 1/2 hours.

Remember to always calculate wt & balance in any airplane on every trip.

Would you like to know more? Give me a call. I specialize in teaching in the Aerostar but am happy to help my client sell his underutilized “time machine”.

Jerry Sharp

Expect 238 KTAS at 25,000′ in pressurized comfort.

6 Place

This Aerostar has the optional 44 gallon fuel tank. With full fuel, long range cruise power and no-wind, a 1000 nm flight is possible. Expect to need a fuel stop when taking 6 adults 1000 nm.

The pilot’s perspective

Throttles, autopilot mode selector, pressurization controls and more.

Passenger’s perspective.

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