I have been consistently impressed with Jerry’s PA46 flight training for many years. He is a very accomplished real world pilot and I always learn information and skills from him which are important to conducting flights expeditiously and safely. I would recommend him to any PA46 student from novice to expert. 
Dr. John

I have used Jerry Sharp twice for my recurrent training. Jerry knows more about the Piper Meridian than anyone else I have trained with. I am sure his vast knowledge of the Meridian is due to the fact he is a former production test pilot for Piper. Jerry’s hands-on experience with the Meridian makes training with him an enlightening experience. I would highly recommend him to any one who wants to really learn more about their Meridian and how to fly it safely.
Dan A.

Thanks for the good day of training. I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated your expertise in the C414A. I will definitely use your services again.
Bill E.

Jerry, 90% of the training I received from you was used in the last 15 minutes of the flight.  The training that I have received from you over the years clearly made a difference on September 10.  As difficult as it could have been, it really was a walk in the park.  I want to thank you for giving me the tools, and training to save my life.  On behalf of my wife Melanie, son Brett, daughters Alexa, and Morgan their utmost thanks for being an integral part of giving their husband, and father the knowledge to come home to give them another hug and kiss.
Thank you!
D. Hirschberger 
Note: Mr. Hirschberger wrote this last paragraph as part of an extensive letter describing the the incident of an engine fire he experienced along with the inability to feather that engine’s propeller. Very interesting read if you are interested.

I had a great three day training experience with Jerry Sharp at Advanced Flight Training.  I feel very comfortable with the plane and his training showed me a few tips on the GTN Radios that I didn’t know despite having about 1000 hours already behind the units. 
Having trained in multiple airplanes over the years with many different trainers I found Jerry to be a great teacher and I would encourage you to recommend him to any of your customers.
Eric (Owner and pilot of a beautifully equipped Aerostar)


I love flying with Jerry. His extensive knowledge of the Cessna 421 has permitted our pilots and myself to take full advantage of the potential our aircraft has. Engine, fuel systems, electrical systems and avionics are just a few of the items that one can delve into in depth with him. Add to these the review of specific emergency procedures and we feel confident that we’re able to properly diagnose and manage situations that may come up.

We’ll keep calling on Jerry for our recurrent training for sure…Thank you Jerry!

S. Pacheco


I found Jerry Sharp to be more thorough and would categorize his recurrent flight training as more detailed and comprehensive than the initial transition training I received through Simcom in many respects. I believe his experience as a production test pilot for the Mirage gave him unique insight both in ground school and in the air that few other instructors have.

Russel W.


Jerry’s training is second to none!!! He puts forth maximum effort in all he does and nothing satisfies him more than seeing his students succeed. He came to Virginia for my initial training. While the move to the Cessna 340 was challenging Jerry made the complicated understandable and the challenges manageable. He was willing to start early and stay up late to be sure I could safely operate the airplane. I did not get just a a “sign off”. I received a professional, demanding, first class checkout He demands a lot but he is willing to work just as hard as you do to help you fulfill them all. Mark F.

Thanks so much for the recurrent training we completed last week. As you know, this is the third time we’ve worked together and each time I feel as though I’ve flown away with more than I expected. I’ve been to flight training courses on the B58 Baron, the Cessna 421, the Cessna Conquest and the Meridian. I would have to say that the training I get from you makes me try to be a better pilot more so than the other schools I’ve attended. Your knowledge of the aircraft shows as you teach, and your love of flying is obvious. You expect more than the minimum from a student and that expectation forces us to be better equipped as pilots I use my Meridian in my business, and occasionally my wife and children are my passengers so I’m grateful that you insist that I demonstrate more than average proficiency. I hope other instructors will do the same as we will all be safer! If you would like me to speak with any of your students in advance of their training, I’d be happy to do so. Be assured that I will recommend you as an instructor. Thank you again for the training and I’m already looking forward to next year’s class.
Dave. B

Jerry Sharp came to my airport and trained my two other pilots and me. He was prompt, courteous, and thorough. In my employment I am part owner of a company that manages several corporate jets. Throughout Jerry’s training, our chief pilot and our director of operations each listened in to portions of the class. After Jerry finished up and left, they each told me the information they listened to was beneficial to them and that they wished some of our recurrent jet training classes were as thorough and professional as Jerry’s. He covered all aspects of systems operation and gave us an exam with over 100 questions about the airplane and related flying knowledge. He went over each question in detail with us and made sure we understood the concept. If you want to fly your airplane safely and with confidence, Jerry’s training program is an essential part of your preflight preparation.” Stephen W.

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